A Note On Planned Obsolescense in Lacrosse

The practice of engineering products to fail after a certain period of time, such as after a warranty has expired, requiring the customer to re-purchase the item, is a deceptive and dishonest practice. Known as "planned obsolescence" it is widely practiced in all industries including lacrosse. We are firmly against planned obsolescence and are of the opinion it is unethical. None of our products have been designed to break or fail. It is not merely the manufacturers or brands that subscribe to planned obsolescence, it is retail as well. Planned obsolescence is used in sales pitches to retailers as a benefit. Its baffling that a lacrosse brand would not realize that if their products develop a reputation for breaking it will hurt their business. But in a contact sport like lacrosse where there's great deal of checking and aggressive playing with the equipment, breakage is to be expected. But that expectation is exploited by brands who employ planned obsolescence. At Savage X Lacrosse we do our best to develop products that last. We think you'll come back to us if they do. Call us old fashioned, but that's our position on planned obsolescence.

For more information on planned obsolescence view the video below. We didn't make this video but it does explain planned obsolescence well.