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Every lacrosse product that leaves our family factory must meet the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. We spend years researching and developing the best materials and manufacturing methods to bring you the best lacrosse products on the market. There is no better lacrosse gear anywhere.

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Titanium 7

Attack/Middie Handle

While other companies are struggling with the latest in flashy graphics, we went the other direction. The Titanium 7 handle is a simple but amazingly strong shaft made from true aerospace grade titanium alloy, weighing in at only 162 grams. No paints, no hydra-graphics. With an anodized finish and simple engraving, the Titanium 7 is the most durable, affordable and best looking metal shaft on the market.

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“The Titanium 7 is the best metal shaft I have ever owned. My two previous metal shafts each broke within a few months, and they were more than twice as expensive. The Titanium 7 has a really nice shape and finish, not too slippery and not too sticky. Its also super light. I got the black one and with my black Evo 4X head looks really cool. I definitely recommend this shaft.”  ~Connor Nelson