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Factory Direct True Wholesale Prices

Our mission is to revolutionize lacrosse by manufacturing the highest quality products in the world and to bring them to the consumer at real wholesale prices. We are able to provide these extraordinary deals because we are the researchers, designers and manufacturers of all Savage X Lacrosse products. There are no middlemen, no brokers, no distributors, no off-shore representation, no retail mark-up, and we do not out source manufacturing. For the first time in lacrosse history you are literally buying direct from the source. Savage X Lacrosse products have been available at a variety of major retail outlets since 2016. Knowing the actual cost of equipment and seeing the prices the major brands are charging, we decided it was time to pull back the curtain and bring some reality to the game. Instead of wholesaling to retail, why not just wholesale direct to the customer and give the cost benefit to the lacrosse community?“Savage



Equipping a new young player with all the gear he or she needs can be cost prohibitive. A lot of people talk about “growing the game”. That's easy to say, but the growth of the game can be inhibited by the cost of participating in the game.

We have devoted years of research and development resulting in lacrosse products that exceed all standards in the marketplace. Because we manufacture all products in our own family factory, we are in control of every aspect of quality control; from the choice of materials, to threads and fibers to dyes, weaving, core materials, coatings, and much more. Then, after exhaustive testing in our facility, we send our products out for independent metallurgical engineering testing as well as field testing of various types to verify materials, strength, flex, safety and other factors. We are firmly against “planned obsolescence”, that all-to-common deceptive practice of engineering products to break after warranty, requiring the customer to purchase again, now an unfortunate reality in lacrosse. We build all our products to last. We know the shortcuts other brands use. We know how they cut corners to save money and we know fake “technology” when we see it. Before we were Savage X we made lacrosse equipment in our factory for other major lacrosse brands. We’re here for the player, for the parents, for the coaches, for the game. We’re here to build quality equipment at fair prices. And if you think we’re too low, maybe that’s because everybody else is too high.