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Titanium 7 Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

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BLACK and WHITE Titanium 7 Shafts Are Back in Stock!

A full restock of all colors will be available toward the end of the year. 

  • Certified 7075 T-6 Titanium Reinforced Aerospace grade alloy - the best in the game.
  • Colors: Black, White, Navy, Red, Silver, Aztec Gold 
  • Clean design
  • Suitable for: Attack/Midfield
  • Length: 30"
  • Weight: 161 grams
  • Shaft Wall Thickness: 0.96mm
  • Shaft Finish: Anodized Light Frost (White is painted matte finish)
  • Handle Shape: Scalloped Octagon Oval
  • Head Screw: Anodized Black Self-Tapping
  • Butt End: TPR Recyclable Polymer
  • Made in the Savage X Lacrosse factory

With over 7000 on the field, the Savage X Lacrosse TITANIUM 7 shaft was the best selling lightweight lacrosse handle for the past two years due to its unparalleled quality, simple design and reasonable price. Once only available through lacrosse retailers at typical shaft prices, this amazing deal is now available direct from Savage X Lacrosse at a wholesale price of $19.95. The best deal in lacrosse just became the best deal in lacrosse history!

The Titanium 7 is a lightweight tactical performance handle designed for attack or midfield. Its anodized surface is free of paints*, with only simple engraving at the head in place of typical graphics overkill. The Titanium 7 lacrosse handle looks awesome with any head or string job. 7075 T-6 “True Aerospace” titanium reinforced alloy provides the optimum strength-to-weigh ratio allowing a lighting fast response time and confidence that this handle was built to last. This is a professional grade lacrosse handle made specifically to compete with any major brand handle on the market.

We are able to offer exceptional prices because we are the manufacturer. Major lax brands buy their products from factories like ours. In fact we have made handles for the major brands prior to starting our own brand. Why are you paying so much?


* White Titanium 7 has a painted matte finish. White is not achievable through anodizing.

Titanium 7 Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

Titanium 7 Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft