Certified 7075 Titanium Reinforced Alloy


“UNS A97075 7075” also known as "7075" is the metallurgical numeric designation for a titanium-reinforced alloy formula originally engineered for the aerospace industry. It is widely used in manufacturing sporting equipment for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. “7075” is used by every major lacrosse brand for such well known quality lacrosse shafts as the Stallion, SE7EN, Vandal, Swizzbeat, Surgeon, Command U, and many others, averaging in price from $69.00 to $99.00 and up.

We have made lacrosse handles for major lacrosse brands and major lacrosse retailers. We are the source - from research, development and design, to raw materials and extruding lacrosse shafts from our own molds, to shaping, coloring and finishing. From our factory warehouse they go directly to you, bypassing all the brands, distributors and retailers, passing huge savings on to you. That's how we're able to offer top quality lacrosse products at incredible prices. True factory-direct. A game changer. There is no better value on the market. “The best deal in lacrosse.”